Surviving pregnancy and the terrible twos


Here is Episode 2 of “Honestly Parenting” Blog – Coping with pregnancy and terrible twos. Be sure to give yourself some time to watch this one, whether it be with your feet up and a cuppa one evening or whilst doing some household chores. So much happened this trimester, and I didn’t want to cut any of it out.

One of the biggest lessons I have experienced since becoming a mother is that most mums are either really hard on themselves, or feel like they have to be super mum, when in fact a lot of the time they feel totally the opposite.

I can definitely vouch for this. After our first son Oliver was born, I felt the need to pretend I was “fine” because if I didn’t others would see I wasn’t fit to be a mother and I would also be the abnormal one who was not coping.

The further I got into my motherhood journey, I realised that so many other mums were doing the same. The trouble with this is most mums are pretending they are okay when they are not (like I did) which means the struggles of motherhood become a taboo subject which can make you feel isolated and alienated. From this point onwards, I promised myself I would be honest about how I was feeling not just for me but to also inspire other mums to know it’s okay not to always be okay.

As soon as we found out we were pregnant with baby No 2, I decided to record a honest video diary of motherhood and pregnancy called “Honestly Pregnancy” with the aim of reaching out to other mums who have days which feel impossible and overwhelming.

If this episode resonates with you, I would love for you to comment below and share your story, or feel free to share this with someone going through a similar situation.

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