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About me

Kathryn dedicates her work to helping sleep deprived parents to get better sleep so they can be healthy, happy and successful.

Her inspiration and motivation has come from her own personal journey of overcoming both a long term illness and insomnia as well as resolving her son Oliver’s sleep challenges.

Kathryn is a full time mum to Oliver and Ruby whilst running her business from home. She believes that sleep is a basic human need and without it other areas of life can deteriorate rapidly.

She loves helping others to transform their wellbeing so that they can reach their true potential.

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What People Say About Me… 


“I was so happy with the sleep coaching I received.  Everything was explained to me so clearly. Kathryn gave me the security and confidence to start a healthier sleeping pattern with Ava and that is amazing in itself. She gave me total reassurance, strength and hope that we could start sleep coaching in a way that suits our family. Kathryn is professional, extremely knowledgeable, flexible to your family needs, reassuring, friendly and listens. She deserved a magic wand and some wings” — AMY & JAMES


“I was a little hesitant to hire a sleep consultant as we had tried lots of the popular sleep plans out there to no avail! Working with Kathryn was a breath of fresh air. The support and encouragement she offered was really individual to our baby. Before we were rocking Toby to sleep for hours a day, now a lot of the time he self settles and if not we know how to settle him quickly in his cot. Night wakes have reduced dramatically and early wakes are rare. Thank you Kathryn, we are a much happier family!” - Az


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“Kathryn is very professional and supportive, she made me feel like I wasn’t the worst mama in the world. Her support is just what I needed, she was there at the drop of a hat when I needed advice. The results so far have been incredible, by night 2 both of our girls - STEPHANIE

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"Before speaking with Kathryn, I was concerned that we were too far past the point of being able to adjust things. However I was very happy with the advice Kathryn gave and I gained useful information especially for our bedtime routines. I would definitely recommend Kathryn to other sleep deprived mums, simply to help reassure that you are doing the right things and if not how to adjust when necessary" - EMMA

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