How to stop eating junk food in just 9 days?


This is me on our honeymoon before pregnancy, yet I can’t believe I used to moan about my shape and wobble. Sometimes you really do have to be grateful, well that’s what I know now. Since embarking on my journey of recovering from M.E., nutrition and regular exercise have always been a part of my daily activity. It was rare before falling pregnant for me to eat chocolate and have a binge, well unless I was pre-menstrual and I let myself off once a month. I’d always been a firm believer of putting the right fuel into your body and taking care of it, after all it is the only one you have.




Then when falling pregnant I literally had a personality transplant, and had to eat every piece of chocolate or saturated fat in sight, I knew I shouldn’t have been but it was like there was a monster inside me that I couldn’t control. I am sure I ate chocolate every day of my pregnancy and when suffering from horrendous morning sickness, I even ordered £25 worth of dominoes for myself during the middle of the day! My loved ones just couldn’t believe it and neither could I. Anyone who has been pregnant will know how strong the cravings are, if anyone tried to stop me, well, people learnt very quickly not to. The ironic thing, I wasn’t like the typical pregnant woman, I hated getting bigger, in fact I cried when I had to pack up all of my pre pregnancy clothes as I felt I would never fit in them again and even considered throwing them out.



As you can imagine once I had Oliver, I had put on 3 stone. Half of that weight was acceptable but the other half was just pure chocolate and junk. I was very sleep deprived and could not find a way to break this cycle of eating badly. It was such a weird feeling to go from a very controlled healthy person to someone who had lost control of their diet. I know I was being hard on myself but I felt horrible, low and just uncomfortable in my own skin.





Just six months after having Oliver I was back to my pre pregnancy weight and now 10 months on I weigh less than I did before pregnancy. I am back in my pre pregnancy jeans and feel like me again. More importantly, I have control back in my diet, love being active but can enjoy the odd treat now and again, without having to eat everything in sight. So you are probably thinking, how have I done it? How have I broken the cycle?





Believe you can!


So no matter how cheesy this sounds, I found opening my mind to the fact that I could get back in my jeans really helped with actually achieving it. Not only did I start to believe I could do it, I actually brainstormed how I was going to do it, so I didn’t feel helpless. I identified all the changes I needed to make in order to achieve my goal.

Make your goals Smart!


So yes we use this acronym in business and the workplace but it is so true. I chose a goal that was specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. I implemented changes at the end of October and said I wanted to be back to my pre pregnancy weight and shape by the beginning of December. I chose then as I had our big Christmas party– so it was a specific goal and kept me focused to get into that little black dress.

Find a tool to help you get there


Previously I was a firm believer in the best way to lose weight and achieve your health goals is good old fashioned exercise and healthy eating. However what I have learnt is sometimes that just isn’t enough, you need to be able to challenge your habits and have the right mindset to start with. For me the tool I used was Forever Living’s Clean 9. I was 100% sceptical it was going to work and couldn’t see how in just 9 days I could create a new discipline and get back to the old me! However, the proof is in the pudding by day 9 I had dropped a dress size already and since that day I  haven’t been addicted to sugar and junk.

It is important to say that the Clean 9 is not a diet, it is a tool to help you break your bad habits and create new disciplines. The three pillars of it include nutrition, supplementation and exercise, the plan is so easy to follow and the best bit you can see the difference in yourself by day 3. I am not going to lie, it is hard especially if you are like I was and need to break the sugar addiction, but it was been worth every penny as I now feel like me again.