How to survive the festive period on little sleep

It was at the beginning of December last year that I was close to breaking point. I was already feeling exhausted, low and unwell so the pressure of the busy festive period made me feel the only way I could be happy was to do what everyone else was doing; drinking, socialising and basically spending energy I didn’t have.

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Kathryn Stimpson
Sleeping like a baby....yeh right?

Why is it when you are pregnant that there are so many classes on how to cope with childbirth yet absolutely nothing covers how to cope with and manage sleep deprivation? I’ve often caught myself saying “Nothing prepares you for the sleep deprivation” although looking back if there was a class that equipped me with all the tools

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Kathryn StimpsonComment
Can Yoga help you feel more body confident?

So for about 10 years I have always been a Pilates lover on and off. I did Pilates all the way through my pregnancy and absolutely loved it. If I am being totally honest, I always thought that yoga wasn’t as hard work and was really just about doing some stretches and controlling your breathing. So when my mum invited me a few years ago to try Bikram (Hot Room) Yoga, I was a little sceptical because of my love of Pilates

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